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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Tim Lauridsen wrote:

Sounds like a good idea, the config write routine in yum will remove all the # comment lines and mix all the options. I fixed the mixing in system-config-repo by building a extra layer on the yum config API, but it don't take care off the # comments. I would be a good idea to teach yum to save config files, without losing information.

This might be a good time to rethink whether Pirut and YumEx should be merged together. Recent YumEx changes have made it look more and more like Pirut and Pirut is started to grow more features similar to YumEx. Looks like they are converging to me. Any reasons not to merge?


I purposed it a couple of times to Jeremy, most of the things pirut and yumex does, is the same, installing package groups and find and install/remove selected packages. there are both build on the top of the yum api, but there is some differences. pirut tries to be more simple, with the same look as the package selection as in anaconda. Yumex add more advanced features like selecting what repositories to use and also it is more verbose (I like to see what is going on ) and i have tried to made it as responsive as possible. (I have done some ugly threaded stuff to update gui). A merge would be fine to me, but it is mostly about where we want to go with the package manager in Fedora, do we want a simple tools or do we want tools with lot of possibilities for the more advanced user.


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