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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

>         * Firefox to have it's original icon in gnome panel
> I can only guess this is a licensing issue a-la-iceweasel.

Nope. Firefox icon is present on firefox shortcut in gnome menu.

>         * Desktop shortcut for joining Fedora IRC (aka "Get Live
>         Help")
> +1 although should this need a specific support channel?

I think so too.

>         * Desktop folder with examples of what "this linux thing" can
>         do :)
> +1 - I do not think that the default homepage in firefox is enough. 

Completely agree.

>         * a working Burning app for Fedora Gnome desktop
> I have no problems burning in fedora - what exactly is the issue you
> have here?

I don't know anybody in Croatia that uses windows default app to burn
disks. It was mentioned that gnome burning is modeled by default MS
windows burning app. Everybody here uses Nero Burning Rom, or at least
80% of windows users. Maybe that is a local thing, but I believe that it
is also the case in the rest of the Europe and the US.

One thing also that I have observed is that users don't insert blank
cd/dvd first. First thing they do is to look for the burning app,
compile the list of files for burning and only then they insert bland
cd or dvd.

If you have some other experience with new users please share it with
us. It is easy to test this. Put some folder on the desktop and say to
your coworker, sister, brother or a friend to burn it to a blank CD
and watch what they do. Did you test for do this? I did and this is my
experience. That is why we need a better and more usable way to burn
data under fedora gnome desktop.

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