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a legal way to include 3rd party repositories in fedora?

I understand all about why it is not possible for fedora not to
include codecs and non-gpl software.

Also I understand that directly linking from Fedora or an official
Fedora website to http://rpm.livna.org is considered "contributory

But if it there was a gpl package in fedora (something like fedora
helper[1]) that prompted you to enable it only if you are in a county
in which it is legal to do so, and then presents a disclaimer that
says that it is unlegal to enable this program for linking to 3rd
party repost if you are in the US and if you do so Fedora/Red Hat are
not held responsible.

Would this make it legal for Fedora to include such package and distribute it?

This way fedora is not directly linking to 3rd party repos.

Cam somebody (preferably Red Hat lawyers or somebody close to them)
explain this "contributory infingement" thing.

Was there a such discussion where Red Hat lawyers actually explained
what can and can't be done? If it was is it somewhere on the record
for review?

[1] http://www.brandonhutchinson.com/Fedora_Helper.html

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