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Re: Where did the Fedora 8 CVS go to?

hmm.. make srpm doesn't seem to be valid
"make: *** No rule to make target `srpm'.  Stop."
the issue that i have is that i would like to have the rpm itself to
make the grub changes and add the file in the /boot folder. (so just
the same that a default kernel rpm does).. i'm not quite sure if the
current RPM will do this for me..

i'm just doing make i686 now and will see what hapens.

2007/7/4, Oliver Falk <oliver linux-kernel at>:
On 07/04/2007 05:52 PM, Mark wrote:
> Thanx for the reply but i'm stuck after step 10.
> after step 10 it says: "You may then proceed as usual."
> and what is that? is that make rpm? or rpmbuild in some special location?
> the notice below step 10 says: "Normally, kernels for Fedora are built
> using the rpmbuild utility and a specfile. Your results may vary if
> you use the kernel's built-in make rpm target." but that doesn't
> answer the question.to me it indicates that both make rpm and rpmbuild
> are possible.. but than again.. where can i do rpmbuild on the kernel?
> That documentation should be expanded with the full guide for making a rpm.

Either do
> make i686
> make srpm; rpmbuild --rebuild --target i686 *.src.rpm


PS: Or any other platform you want.

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