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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories

Just a moment. I am getting lost on this.

+1 to a single tool for managing repos globally, rather than every
apps have its own repo control, which is , IMHO, make stuff feels more
complicated ..

The YUM API already has a way to enable and disable repositories. The
--enablerepo and --disablerepo flags directly use this.

What seems to be lacking is a way to alter yum.conf and the .repo
files so that the changes become persistent. Once this is available in
the YUM API, all that an application needs to do is make calls to this
API component to do the necessary configuration.

So right now applications need to have their own repository control
only if they want to alter the files, not if they want to enable or
disable a repository for a single run of the program.

What you refer to as "a single tool for managing repos globally" is
actually the YUM API. Using that there can be 'n' number of frontends
(GUI or CLI) which can configure repositories among other things too.

I like system-config-repo's and repoman's approach .. pirut just
install/remove apps..  repoman/sysconfrepo for all-thing repository
related  .. and yumex for advanced users ..

Why would one need a separate tool for doing each of these things? As
far as I understand, one would only need to work with repositories if
they want to install/update/remove some packages. Hence a tool which
claims to be a package manager (GUI or CLI) should have all the
features. eg., if A, B, and C claim to be package management tools,
then each of them should have these features to some extent atleast.

a textUI (eg: system-config-repo-tui) for enabling/disabling repos is
also a nice thing to have .. it make it easier for writing automated
scripts etc. (I had this problem before , enabling/disabling repos
globally was a pain for a person who dont know much in manipulating
strings in scripts like me - or maybe such app already exist but I
dont know about it???)

Again I can not visualize repository configuration as a separate thing
from package management.

Happy hacking,
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