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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories

A merge would be fine to me, but it is mostly about where we want to go
with the package manager in Fedora, do we want a simple tools or do we
want tools with lot of possibilities for the more advanced user.

Simplicity is a desirable goal and rightly one should strive for it, the
question remains would a merged tool ie an extended/improved/feature
rich Pirut or a Yumex with possible extensions serve the ends ?  And of
course, would at the end the choice will boil down to a single tool ?

In certain cases the idea of a simple packagement tool can lead to
oversimplification of things.

For example for a very long time in the days of FC2 to FC5 Pirut would
not work on LANs which connected to the Internet through a proxy. It
would simply exit with a message: "Can not download package
information". I have seen many many users who would really appreciate
a simple tool getting stumped by this and dump Pirut for good.

In such cases an option to set the proxy would have been wonderful.
These very same users would happily use Synaptic after providing the
necessary proxy settings for their network.

My point is that a configuration option which lies within the menu
does not really lead to loss of any simplicity. Rather it may enhance
the usability of the entire application at times.

Secondly, do we really a simple package manager and an advanced
package manager? In my opinion this would be an overkill.

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