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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories

Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray wrote:
A merge would be fine to me, but it is mostly about where we want to go
with the package manager in Fedora, do we want a simple tools or do we
want tools with lot of possibilities for the more advanced user.

Simplicity is a desirable goal and rightly one should strive for it, the
question remains would a merged tool ie an extended/improved/feature
rich Pirut or a Yumex with possible extensions serve the ends ?  And of
course, would at the end the choice will boil down to a single tool ?

In certain cases the idea of a simple packagement tool can lead to
oversimplification of things.

For example for a very long time in the days of FC2 to FC5 Pirut would
not work on LANs which connected to the Internet through a proxy.

That doesn't make much sense. Pirut is a new tool introduced in FC5. system-config-packages which existed in previous versions didn't use yum, only had the capability to install packages from media and would have no need to connect to the Internet or use a proxy. Proxy settings would ideally be system wide and not require per application configuration.


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