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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories

On 7/6/07, Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com> wrote:
> yup .. I'm looking for a way to alter yum.conf and the .repo file to
> become persistent .. I have set up a LAN repo for newbies in my uni
> and was trying to make a one click installation script for it ... I
> dont want to tell them to manually edit all the .repo files one by one
> to disable the official repos and enable my repos...

FWIW, the best way to actually do this now is to set yourself up as a
private mirror in mirror manager
(https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mirrormanager) with an IP range set.
Then, clients connecting and asking for the mirror list from your IP
range will get back the local mirror.  Then the users don't have to do
anything and it Just Works (tm)


I know about mirrormanager .. but no matter how much I would love to
use it , I couldnt .. :(

the network in my college is set up like a very paranoid network ..
where theres 6 separated networks that couldnt connect to each other ,
and 1 central network that become the center of all 7 networks. theres
a proxy farm in the central network that allows connection between the
6 networks , however, it have a crazy limitation. port 80 POST/GET
with 2MB size limit and port 443 TCP/CONNECT .. and no other protocols
allowed .. this limitation also applies to normal internet
connection.. I managed to get around that and mirrored Fedora's
repository locally for others who dont know how to sneak through the

considering yum doesnt support https, I had to write a set of
automated scripts complete with init to start a tunneling application
(prtunnel), and create a CONNECT tunnel to my http server running on
port 443 through the proxy. I even wrote a simple yum plugin to make
sure the tunnel is running before yum'ing. all of that are packaged
into a rpm which will handle all the dirty work for them. The only
problem I have now is a way to easily switch between using Fedora's
official repository or my mirrored+tunneled repository on localhost.

My current approach of enabling/disabling repos is very ugly where i
renames the .repo files accordingly ..

I know my case is >= 0.1% of the entire population of Fedora users, so
I try not to demand big stuff like https + https_proxy support in yum
(which will solves not only this problem .. but some of my other small
problems too), rather than some little help in getting something to
work.. Everything else , I will manage to do it .... somehow ......

Mohd Izhar Firdaus Bin Ismail
Amano Hikaru
天野晃 「あまの ひかる」
mohd izhar firdaus gmail com
kagesenshi 87 gmail com
Blog: http://kagesenshi.blogspot.com

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