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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

ons, 04 07 2007 kl. 10:26 +0200, skrev Valent Turkovic:

> Can you please explain how would that work in a little more detail? I
> get great benefit from beagle searching my mail, web pages and local
> documents... how would I benefit from beagle integration to amarok or
> audacious or some other player I use? I don't see what beagle would do
> there so please explain.

Okay imagine you down.. acquire a new album, with beagle indexing this
it would automatically be added to your library, you could move the
files around and the library would not break. 

Okay, lemme give you an example, I recently ripped some The Smashing
Pumpkins albums, I did so outside of my media player and I forgot to
double check that the metadata was correct. Then I imported the
resulting flac files into Banshee and notice that some of the albums
were labelled as "Smashing Pumpkins" so I corrected that but the files
weren't moved into the same directory. So I moved them manually.. and
voila Banshee now looks for the files in the wrong dir.

With an indexed solution this would be a non issue, I could move my
files around like I wanted and have my library be consistent. 

This is just a simple use case for an index, you can do a lot of fun and
useful things with this type of technology that are more advanced. The
problem is that currently the technology isn't at the stage where any
applications are really relying on an index. Right now that means that
Beagle is basically a very handy way to search my massive archive of
mail, considering the current downsides one has to wonder if it's worth
enabling by default.

- David

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