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Re: Two competing (?) Swedish hunspell (openoffice.org) dictionaries

Dear Caolan McNamara,

Thank you for bringing up this issue.
I am working with the marketing effort for the Swedish market in the
OpenOffice.org community, and cannot garuantee that everything i mention
is 100% true (as this is not what I normally work with).

The domain speling.org is driven by Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group and
has been a central meeting point for linguistic efforts for the nordic
countries. The effort for the different languages there has been alittle
different. Much emailing has been used, with a "digest review" kind of
way. On the Swedish side, there is no development done on speling.org.

DSSO, The big swedish dictionary is a dictionary based on a large list
of words by Tom Westerberg, that did not contain any information about
the words, it's type, inflection, compound information etc. The DSSO has
used that information as a base to work with. DSSO is today using an
intelligent web-based interface to work with, using a file format called
eXtensible Dictionary and has been developed by the DSSO owner in Perl
for the DSSO purpose.

--The source--
The source available in the XD format.
  Contains the source from DSSO, updated manually once a month.
  Is updated automatically every 15 minutes from the web interface.

-- Dictionaries --
These are converted versions from XD to hunspell

Source code used for conversion:
(Needs Hunspell's munch)

-- Older --
These files are Aspell, Ispell and Myspell converted files, based on the
sol-1.3.8 (tar.gz) and (zip) files. These are old copies, and I can't
tell if they are updated or not. (Confused by Apaches version number
being present)

Hope this helps. If not, please contact off-list and I'll help.

Best Regards
Per Eriksson
Marketing Contact Sweden
Phone: 0046 (0)70 560 10 33
Web: http://sv.openoffice.org/
E-mail: pereriksson openoffice org

2007-07-06 12:18:33 +0100 Caolan McNamara wrote:
> I guess I need a native Swedish speaker to take a look at two
> apparently
> competing hunspell/openoffice.org dictionaries, and decide between...
> http://sv.speling.org/, i.e
> http://sv.speling.org/filer/myspell-sv-1.3.8-6b.tar.gz 
> and
> http://dsso.se/, i.e.
> http://hem.bredband.net/dsso1/sv_SE.zip
> as to which one we want, currently we use the speling.org one.
> Is there a relationship between the two, is one a successor to the
> other ? If both are active which one do we want ?
> C.

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