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Re: rpms/kmenu-gnome/FC-6 kmenu-gnome.spec,1.9,1.10

Dnia 08-07-2007, N o godzinie 12:11 +0200, Michael Schwendt napisał(a):
> Often, it's N times a few megabytes of metadata to download, because
> mirrors are out-of-sync and offer files that don't pass the checksum
> check, and Yum proceeds through the mirror-list until it succeeds or fails
> finally.
As I already have written here, there are many very simple solutions,
- not using downloaded repomd.xml if we already have a newer version
(Seth replied to me that using a temporary 2 KiB file instead of
instantly overwriting the previous one is a waste of resources, ha ha),
now it happens to download old repomd.xml, when most mirrors host newer
- using versioned file names, like primary-<repotag>-<version>.xml.gz
and keeping them a week or two back. This way, if we need current
primary-fc7-124.xml.gz, we'd never download anything from servers not
synced yet (they'd just give us a 404 instead of useless 2,5 MiB .xml.gz
or 4 MiB .sqlite.bz2) and if we need older primary-fc7-120.xml.gz,
probably first mirror tried would provide that to us.

Both changes are trivial and don't break any compatibility (first one is
in yum itself, and the second is only a change in <data><location />,
which affects only the publishing system, not yum nor any other
depsolving updater).

> On top of that the wasted time when this blocks access to the
> repositories for a normal pirut/yum install.
Try to tell that to them, the proud Americans with their gigabit links
and always in-sync mirrors. Maybe they'll send you a respin CD or tell
you to leave the computer on for a nightly update. Yes, I'm aware that
this comment isn't very helpful, but these are my feelings based on
reading this list and I want to express them. Thanks for patience,


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