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X woes - can't set the correct resolution no matter what...

I hope this is the right list to raise this issue... if not point me
in the right direction.

I have Fedora Core 6 and by default is choose i810 driver for X. With
that driver I had no problem with laptop screen - but when I connected
external 19" screen all hell broke loose :) to be a bit poetic. or
more to the point:

In my comment #8 you can see that I changed to intel driver, but even
that still doesn't work like I expect.

I need my external monitor running at it's full resolution of
1280x1024 and desktop also at that resolution. I got desktop running
with 1280x1024 but only on a 1024x768 screen resolution - I didn't
know that that was even possible! So my deskop acts as with beryl with
zoom plugin - I can see only portion on the desktop and the desktop
pans as I move my mouse from one corner to the other.

I was feeling lucky and tried setting up dual screen setup via
system-config-display - that turned to be a big mistake. I got config
that wouldn't even work everytime. I got 2 video cards configured -
one with intel and other with vesa driver ?!?

So please give me your insight on how to make X behave properly, just
dont rtfm me, thank you. Del.icio.us links, url's and any other piece
of info is greatly appreciated.

Do you have some concrete info regarding fc6+X+intel driver ?

I'll post any info you need about my hardware, logs, etc... just ask.

Thank you in advance,

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