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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories mock-up.

> By the way would it be better if we listed out the use-cases on some
> Web page, since a mailing list does not seem to be a very good way to
> maintain such a document? If yes, should I do it on the Fedora wiki,
> or my blog is good enough?

A wiki page would be a good idea.

Is http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Usability/Objectives/Pirut a good
place to use? If yes, what about the existing content?

> This seems to be interesting. I can think of 2 options:
> a. Provide a way by which the user can simply copy-paste the URL of
> the RPM published on the site, and the tool automatically handles the
> rest.
> b. The user downloads the RPM and there is a way in which one can ask
> Pirut to do:
>  $ yum localinstall <package>.rpm

In system-config-repo i have implemented a feature where you can paste
and url to to repository rpm or a repo file
and then it is getting downloaded and installed after doing some checks
and prints some  warnings, because the is some security
issues by adding new repos.

Nice. I shall have a look into it.

Happy hacking,
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