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Re: Video and Keymap Quirks

Richard Hughes wrote:
You might have heard about the HAL quirk site [1] for suspend and resume
quirks before, but now we are collecting keymap quirks to make the
special buttons such as multimedia keys and Fn function keys do the
right thing.

I've blogged about this yesterday[2], but I am asking for patches from
the fedora development community. In this way we can make laptop special
keys "just work" for Fedora 8.

Hi Hughes,

Great that you're working on this and targeting F-8 with it. Unfortunately having only scancode -> keycode mappings in the kernel is not enough to make most keys just work. This also requires mapping to X keysyms and configurations of applications.

I've been working on this, but currently I'm stuck on getting my intermediate solution for the generation of XKeysyms for these keys integrated into the xkeyboard-config package. I say intermediate, because in the long run X should switch from the kbd driver to the evdev driver, changing the way keyysyms get generated significantly.

My analysis of the problem and proposed solution is described here:

I would be much obligated if you could add your 2 cents to the patch/bug report about the XKeysym generation here:

I'm hoping that if others vote for the inclusion of this patch too, it will help getting it integrated. Ofcourse its possible to disagree with this patch too, in that case an alternative solution proposal would be very welcome. I've spare time to work on this, but first I need to know where / how to spend my time.

Thanks & Regards,


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