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Re: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/TomCallaway/SecondaryArchitectures

Manas Saksena <msaksena marvell com> writes:
> ... First, I assume that secondary arches can have a subset of packages
> from the main Fedora release. It might be a good idea to specifically
> say that. I dont know how to quantify it, but it also probably needs
> to be a reasonably large subset for it to make sense.

The real bottom line here is very simple: if package A does not work
on arch B, how close will we hold package A's maintainer's toes to
the fire?

To my mind, most open-source packages should aspire to work on every
machine out there --- surely we all have a goal of world domination
in mind?  But I can see that some folks might have more limited goals,
eg make game X work on hardware Y.  If they publish their source code
then I surely don't want to exclude them from the open-source

I don't know how to resolve these tensions.  But for the most part
I think you should have a good excuse if you want to own a Fedora
package that doesn't run on anything under the sun.  If your goal
does not include world domination, why not?

			regards, tom lane

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