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Re: dmraid failure/test cases [fc5-7]

Sean Bruno wrote:
I spent some time trying to arm wrestle my machines fake raid
controllers(ck804, sil 3118) and a pci board I had lying around(adaptec
1210sa), and came to the conclusion that dmraid was causing me serious

First off, I could _not_ get dmraid to go away during the install on
x86_64.  Even the nodmraid kernel option failed me.  Each time I booted
up with two disks connected to any controller, the only drive I had at
my disposal was /dev/mapper/mapper0.  I did notice that there was a
'disable dmraid' toggle in the advanced setup button in the installer,
however this option was grayed out in all situations that I could come
up with.

You're sure that's "mapper0"? That looks suspicious to me. Asside from lvm (which would typically say "VolGroupMM-LogVolNN" or similar), the names we create for device mapper devices such as multipath and dmraid are of the forms "mpathN" (for multipath) and "format_$METADATAINFO", i.e. "sil_ahadejcacefa", where "sil" reflects that it's a SiL metadata format and "ahadejcacefa" is a hash of information from the metadata itself. "mapper0" isn't something the installer would choose for a device name.


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