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Re: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/TomCallaway/SecondaryArchitectures

Oliver Falk wrote:
Hi Manas!

Hi Oliver -- thanks for your response.

Second, can secondary architectures go beyond the primary architectures
in terms of feature support? For e.g., can a secondary architecture
include a cross-compiler toolchain?

Only if you do the usual package review process and it lands on fp.o CVS.

Along the same lines, can secondary architectures have modified spec
files that go beyond fixing build/run-time issues. For e.g., can a
secondary architecture take a large package and further split it into
more granular subsets for the purpose of better footprint control.

No. Everything that is built, uis checked-out via CVS from fp.o CVS. If
you want to modify a spec, you need to talk with the package maintainer...

I understand. We can certainly do this outside of Fedora, and
probably will. I just wanted clarification on that.

The idea that I am pursuing is of "derivative distributions" that:

-- derive sources/spec files from Fedora whenever appropriate
-- customizes sources/spec file per the needs of the derivative distro's
	-- e.g., if I am building am ARM distro for my wireless access
	   point. Not all Fedora packaging rules may make sense for me.

Note that this is a step beyond what the current Fedora "compose tools"
allow (revisor etc.) -- in that we need to modify at the source level &
rebuild. Not just pick a subset of the pre-built packages, and then do
some post-processing on it.

This is a real need. In the embedded space, pretty much every device has
its own custom distribution. These tend to be created in all kinds of
ways -- many of them lacking any kind of rigor that you see in distros
like Fedora.

For the curious, you may want to take a look at Sony's GPL download
site as an example -- which has the packages that it puts in its
various consumer devices (cameras, videocams, mylo, and many others..).


It would be useful if in the future this use case is explicitly
considered and supported through the Fedora infrastructure and tools
(e.g., using a distributed VCS) that allows users to leverage the base
Fedora distribution and customize from there.



Note that this is not a secondary architecture issue, per se. From what
I can tell, the OLPC-Fedora distribution is already doing this within
the Fedora infrastructure.

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