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Re: Tomboy for FC6 not being updated... why?

Valent Turkovic wrote:
Nicu thank you for your answer.

I didn't know that.
So do you know how tomboy releases match gnome releases?

From their FTP site:
GNOME 2.16 -> Tomboy 0.4.1
Gnome 2.18 -> Tomboy 0.6.3

Normally, being part of the desktop, Tomboy should adopt the same numbering scheme, but this is up to their developers.

On top of that, 0.7.1 is an unstable version.

Yes, but tomboy 0.6.3 is a stable one.

I have not checked this, but it may have dependence on certain versions of other GNOME/GTK+ libraries

Use the development branch if you want such cutting-edge versions of your applications.

Oh, so you are saying that in FC6 devel repository I can find a newer
version of Tomboy? I'm off the to look for it... thank you.

There is no such thing as FC6 devel repo, there is only one devel repo and it is heading to Fedora 8

Hm, why does yum spit out errors when I try to enable
extras-developement repository? Do extras exist for FC6 or are they also
meing merged to core as in F7?

After the merger, Extras still exists only for older releases, not for current or development.

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