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Re: Tomboy for FC6 not being updated... why?

> Brian Pepple wrote:
>> On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 09:57 +0200, Valent Turkovic wrote:
>>> I use Tomboy all the time on my work FC6 and my home F7 and I didn't
>>> check before but I now noticed that Tomboy on FC6 is still 0.4.1
>>> version
>>> when in F7 it is 0.6 version.
>>> Tomboy 0.7.1 version came out recently... so my question is this: is
>>> there a reason or some policy why Tomboy on FC6 is leftout from being
>>> updated to some newer version?
>> FC6 isn't rawhide. IMO the only updates to FC6 should be security
>> related.
> Agreed.  And that should happen for F7 as well at some point, too...
> though I suppose it's not entirely clear when that ought to happen.

My understanding was that updates, both security-related and
non-security-related would continue for F-N until F-N+1 was released.  At
that point, F-N would join F-N-1 in a security-only mode until EOL. 
People expect churn on Fedora, so stay on the bleeding edge (not so
bleeding as rawhide, mind you). Is that not correct?

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