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Re: High Performance SSH/SCP - HPN-SSH

Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Farkas Levente wrote:
>>> is there any plan to include High Performance SSH/SCP - HPN-SSH into
>>> fedora's ssh?
>>> http://www.psc.edu/networking/projects/hpn-ssh/
>> more questions:
>> why isn't this feature included in upstream openssh?
>> are they working to get this feature/code upstream?
> I just dropped a query to the hpn-ssh maintainers, as I'd love to have
> this feature myself, having noticed less-than-spectacular scp
> performance on gigabit links...

Fun. So apparently, the hpn-ssh folks have been trying to get this into
upstream openssh for about 3 years now, and always get put off by
openssh folks being "too busy to validate such a big patch". However,
I've been assured the code has been vetted by multiple 3rd-parties, and
gets heavily utilized in the high-performance networking community, and
has been without any incompatibilities w/stock openssh or serious bug
reports in over a year.

Personally, I'd say lets add it to rawhide and see how it goes... Anyone
else have an opinion? Adding Tomas to the cc list, since he maintains
our openssh packages, to solicit his opinion as well...

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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