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Re: Tomboy for FC6 not being updated... why?

Christopher Aillon <caillon <at> redhat.com> writes:
> If someone files a bug which happens to be fixed in the latest stable 
> upstream, feel free to take the version bump if you think it's right. 
> But don't simply assume that users are seeing the bug when the version 
> bump can introduce more problems than it fixes (how many times have we 
> seen various upstreams make a release only to follow it up with a new 
> release the next day to correct "serious problems"?  updates-testing 
> helps here, but that assumes that users of your package use 
> updates-testing which we cannot guarantee).

But your suggestion assumes users actually file the bugs they're seeing, which 
unfortunately we cannot guarantee either.

Also, new versions often come with nice new features. For example, XChat 2.8.4 
can now save the scrollback buffer for the session and display it as context 
the next time you open that chan or dialog window. The KDE 3.5.x updates also 
came with small feature additions like that.

        Kevin Kofler

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