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Re: High Performance SSH/SCP - HPN-SSH

tor 2007-07-12 klockan 12:02 -0400 skrev Jarod Wilson:

> Personally, I'd say lets add it to rawhide and see how it goes... Anyone
> else have an opinion? Adding Tomas to the cc list, since he maintains
> our openssh packages, to solicit his opinion as well...

The problem with this is that if one patch goes in, other will come
knocking on the door. :)

Here's one example:


It adds proper GSSAPI support for OpenSSH so that within a Kerberised
infrastructure you never again need to answer that question about if the
public key fingerprint is correct.

It's a well known patch, it's been around for several years (more than
three, I think) but never got fully applied (se bug for more info about
that), so the situation is similar.


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