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Re: Fedora Package Status of Jul 12, 2007

On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 04:05:05 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Is there a document on how you are generating these stats?

Hmm, not really.  There are some hopefully useful comments in the
script itself, but they could definitely be improved...

The script is here, BTW:

I run the script thusly:
./parseBZbugList -bu <my_bugzilla_username> -p <my_BZ_password> \
  -comps <path_to_directory_containing_comps.xml.in_files> \
  -o <path_to_owners.list_file> \
  -cvs <path_to_my_full_CVS_checkout_of_fedora_rpms> \

At the moment, I experience some trouble with bugzilla, which will time
out pretty often while retrieving the list of CLOSED package review
tickets (both through XMLRPC and through the web query page), so I'm
still experimenting to get a stable way to run the script...

> If there are 
> instructions linked from say the bottom of the package status page 
> others might be able to step in while you are away.

That's an idea.  I had something up at the UsefulScripts page at some
point...  Long time since I last checked there.

> Also I would exclude the packages in OLPC-2 branch from the devel branch 
> check since they are unlikely to be branched for devel unless they go 
> into the Fedora branches too.

I'd tend to agree, but since the packages are also listed in
owners.list, I'm not sure.  I tend to think they should not be listed
in owners.list at all, only in owners.olpc.list, to indicate the fact
they will not be built for Fedora.


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