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Re: LICENSE: alliance ; VLSI CAD system

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:

This particular line confuses me:
"You are kindly requested to mention : "Designed with Alliance (c)
LIP6, Université Pierre et Marie Curie"

How would I mention it ? or will fedora permit such"mention" ?

You aren't required to mention it. People who create designs with this software are required to give some credit in some way within their design. A request like this might be considered a contradiction with the license. I would recommend you contact upstream and ask for a clarification.

However each time a tool under the alliance umbrella is launched under
the konsole, it will spit: (for example: graal)

This is acceptable.

There are also some examples which contains copyrighted materials from
Cadence. Surely, if ever alliance would enter the fedora collection,
those examples would be removed.

By "copyrighted" do you mean they are under restrictive copyright licenses? If so, they should be removed.

So what do you think about it ?
Can I still ask for review ?

Ask for clarification from upstream. You should point out the any software licensed under GPL does not allow any additional restrictions. If the designs created using such software is required to carry a credit notice even for commercial purposes then what they need is a entirely different license and not GPL and that license will probably be considered proprietary. A self contradictory license makes the software non-redistributable by anyone except the original authors.


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