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Re: KRegExpEditor not in fedora?

Nigel Jones wrote:
> Ken YANG wrote:
>> Steven Ringwald wrote:
>>> Ken YANG wrote:
>>>> i want to use KRegExpEditor in fedora, but i can not find it
>>>> in fedora repository, is it renamed?
>>>> -(:16:42:$)-> sudo yum search KRegExpEditor
>>>> Loading "changelog" plugin
>>>> Loading "installonlyn" plugin
>>>> Excluding Packages in global exclude list
>>>> Finished
>>>> No Matches found
>>>> i enabled fedora-development and livna-devel repo
>>> I think that it is in the kdeutils or kdeutils-extras package.. Which
>>> release of Fedora are you using??
>> thanks, steven
>> i use gnome, so i dont have most of the kde component, but i will check it.
>> additionally, i find a similar tool, called redet, which is tk-based
>> program
> $ rpm -q --whatprovides /usr/bin/kregexpeditor
> kdeutils-3.5.7-1.fc6
> redet is good if you don't feel like downloading all the KDE dependencies

thanks, Nigel

i have yum install kdeutils. i will compare these two tools, and use one

>>> Steve

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