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package reviews from beginners

Could I get some feedback on whether people feel it is appropriate for a person wanting to get sponsored for packaging to be providing non-official reviews on any random package ?

Can I just "follow da rulez", pointing out the diversions, so that the packaging fits Fedora ? [and state that I have no knowledge of the software being package ?]

Or should I at minimum understand what the particular package /software /application is actually trying to do ?

Should I only choose potential packages that are written in a language I have good knowledge of ?

Can a package submitter submit software written by themselves ?
Even if they can't, can't a patch I/someone add to a package do ~anything~ to a users system ?

For software that is open but may be only targeted for a narrow audience, or that has not had updates for some years, will a package be automatically rejected ?

Hope I didn't miss the answers to these queries in the packaging guidelines; if so please point them out.


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