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Re: [SCRIPT] rebootless liveinst - the MudPuddle release

Douglas McClendon wrote:
In the name of release-early-release-often, here is a proof of concept
quality release of what I call a "rebootless livemedia installer".

Ok, I'm actually a bit surprised that releasing in the tail end of sleep deprived state, that there weren't more problems with the release.

The main one that I'll imminently release updates for is the fact that the bootloader config assumes /dev/sda, rather than supporting the advertised /dev/sda[abcd] depending on invocation. Also there should have been a warning that it will be installing grub on your MBR for you (in addition to 'wiping' and installing on the target partition). And, though I don't know if it will work, I can try and make the generated bootloader config work if you have generated a livecd with updated kernel packages (versus the stock f7).

Also, my minor tweak to the patch in the comments (that I posted a week ago on fedora-livecd-list) should have unsupport_live_migrate setting support_live_migrate=0, not 1. The patch as I want it to apply to livecd-creator has support_live_migrate disabled by default, but rather than explain how to tweak the bootloader config generated by livecd-tools I wanted to make the patch to it less complicated.

Also a minor style thing is that I used [ "" = "" ] *AND*, [ "" == "" ]. Apparently they both work the same??.

But, as long as you install to /dev/sdaX, the original release works.

Any review/comments/suggestions/criticisms are more than welcome.



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