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squid and squidGuard

Hi Folks,

Is there a current maintainer for the squid and squidGuard packages?  I'm configuring them on my
kid's pc and there are a number of suggestions/wish list items that I have compiled.  What's the
best way to start working on this issue.

FWIW, I'm really surprised at how hard it is to get Fedora "kid safe" out of the box.  (I'm
getting it done, but I can't imagine a casual user accomplishing this feat.  It currently requires
a working understanding of web proxies and how unix user administration works.) Considering this
project's involvement with OLPC, I'm shocked that the web proxy/blacklist stuff isn't more
bullet-proof and easy to enable.  Who did I need to talk to help fix this?  Is the OLPC doing some
more advanced integration of kid safe web proxies?



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