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Re: Existing features listed for Fedora 8

Kevin Kofler said the following on 07/12/2007 11:21 PM Pacific Time:
Are the features already listed for Fedora 8 (e.g. FeatureKDE4) supposed to get FESCo approval too? If not, should they be added directly to CategoryApprovedFedora8? Or should they just stay in the legacy CategoraFedora8Features? I added FeatureKDE4 to CategoryProposedFedora8, but I'm asking to make sure I'm following the proper procedure here, and also to get the awareness of the owners of the other features in the same situation.

        Kevin Kofler

Yes, you are doing the right thing by adding CategoryProposedFedora8. I will start querying this category before each FESCo meeting.

Now that the Feature process has been ratified I will be rounding up the features slated for F8 and taking them to FESCo.


There may be a little confusion for a bit while I sort through what is already on the wiki and get things categorized as CategoryProposedFedora8 where appropriate. I'll also contact the feature owners directly if things are unclear or something is in question. I expect this round of feature wrangling for F8 to be more flexible and a little less organized (which is completely fine) as we start the new process up in the midst of development. :)
Once FESCo approves I will change the category to CategoryApprovedFedora8.

Hope that helps,


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