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Re: squid and squidGuard

Sounds like a good project and it seems you have a good head start on it. How about putting together an umbrella rpm with all the package requirements and a set of working configs?

Just a thought,

Timothy Spaulding wrote:
That's great and it makes alot of sense, but it wasn't really my original point.  My original
point was the packaging and toolset for managing and enforcing web proxies and filters leave alot
to be desired.  Is anyone working on this effort?  Is there a current maintainer of squid and
squidGuard?  Are they actively being improved on/incorporated into the Fedora/GNOME configuration



--- Peter Gordon <peter thecodergeek com> wrote:

On Sun, 2007-07-15 at 18:28 -0700, Timothy Spaulding wrote:
So I take it that you're in favor of delivering a PC to children to educate them on pr0n?
extremely radical of you.  It seems to me that a minimum configuration that would filter
inappropriate web sites that was community managed and transparent would be appropriate.  Or
am I
in the minority here?  I'm not talking about censorship here but I believe a minimum set of
community-agreed-upon standards would be acceptable.

My understanding of the situation is that the governments and
institutions to which OLPC machines will be sold are the responsible
party for enforcing such blockings, and not the OLPC project itself.
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