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Re: CD/DVD cataloging software

On Mon, 16 Jul 2007, Dan Horák wrote:


I have spend this weekend with looking for a software that will
catalogue content of CDs and DVDs (I want to know what file is on which
CD/DVD). My requirements were simple - work current Fedora (>=6) and
automagicly use the disc name when storing the content. As

name		version		platform	current	use disc
						Fedora	name
gtktalog	1.0.4		C/gtk1		no	?
gwhere		0.2.3		C/gtk1,gtk2	no*	yes
CdCat		1.01b		C/qt		no*	no
gnomecatalog	0.2.1		Python/gtk	no	?
cdcollect	0.6.0		Mono		no	?

* = can read content of the folder where the disc is mounted

The main problem is that these softs are looking for CD/DVDs into a
fixed path (/media/cdrom, ...) which doesn't exist in current Fedoras as
it uses gnome-mount which uses HAL. Also most of them are dead or almost
dead projects.

As a result I have chosen gwhere for my usage. It required not so much
effort to make it build and then work. You can find it at
http://fedora.danny.cz/gwhere-0.2.3-1.src.rpm The CDCollect project
looks quite promising, but I don't know how to integrate scanning of
gnome-mounted (using HAL) discs.

When some other solution exists (Beagle?), please let me know.

I have yet to find a good solution. Most of them seem to die when you throw a couple hundred DVDs of software archives at them.

I will look at gwhere and see if it is any better.

"ANSI C says access to the padding fields of a struct is undefined.
ANSI C also says that struct assignment is a memcpy. Therefore struct
assignment in ANSI C is a violation of ANSI C..."
                                  - Alan Cox

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