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Re: Rawhide debuginfo package problems 2007-07-16

Le lundi 16 juillet 2007 à 15:00 -0400, Bill Nottingham a écrit :
> (redirecting to fedora-devel-list)
> Nicolas Mailhot (nicolas mailhot laposte net) said: 
> > BTW it would be nice if our debuginfo macro made debuginfo packages
> > depend on the exact version of the package they've been created from.
> > 
> > All too often debuginfo repositories are not in sync with the main
> > repositories so users get debuginfo packages installed for the wrong
> > version of the on-system packages.
> The problem with that is that someone who runs 'debuginfo-install', even
> once, is left with an un-upgradeable system, without manual intervention.

well presumably someone who installed debuginfo packages wants them to
be useful and not updated separately from the rest of the distro

It's very annoying to install debuginfo packages with the aim to produce
a nice stack for upstream, and find out when you actually manage to
trigger the bug debuginfo packages are out of sync and yum happily
updated the rest of the system without taking them into account

Nicolas Mailhot

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