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Re: Rawhide debuginfo package problems 2007-07-16

Dnia 2007-07-16, o godz. 23:06:27 Nicolas Mailhot
<nicolas mailhot laposte net> napisaƂ(a):

> (btw I don't see how debuginfo-install would have worked in the first
> place if the debug repo was not active)
It does this temporarily, using something like:
yum --enablerepo=*-debuginfo install ...

If glibc-debuginfo-2.6-1 needs glibc = 2.6-1 and glibc-2.6-2 enters updates,
glibc can't get updated without removing/updating glibc-debuginfo.

The optimal way would be to change rpmdb so that it stores whether debuginfo
package is installed for a given package. Then yum would automatically guess,
when to re-enable debuginfo repository to update debuginfo packages along with
their parents.

Or you can simply write a yum plugin working with the same algorithm as
debuginfo-install (based on names and some set of built-in special rules for
kernels). We can ship the plugin, but leave it disabled by default. Then,
debuginfo-install would also enable the plugin for future upgrading of
debuginfo'd packages. Think about it.


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