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Re: Heads up: kernel 2.6.23-0.14.rc0.git1.fc8 busted

> Jarod Wilson wrote:
>> With the transition to the new kernel rpm versioning scheme, we ended =
>> having to call things such as the pre-2.6.23-rc1 git kernels, which
>> upstream are 2.6.22-gitX, 2.6.23-rc0-gitX. However, I missed a tiny
>> detail, which leaves the kernel package showing 2.6.23, but the
>> resulting kernel's uname 2.6.22. Makes Bad Things happen with any kern=
>> in the 2.6.23-0.x.rc0.git1.fc8 range, where x is . Fixing now (in
>> theory, this is a simple fix by twiddling the kernel Makefile's
>> SUBLEVEL), will push a fixed build ASAP...
> Of course, Linus merged a ton of stuff, and now the latest git snapshot=
> are currently not liking to actually compile, so we don't have a
> repaired kernel package out just yet. Sorry for the delay folks. The Ma=
> (davej) is working through the compile issues though, and hopes to have=

> something relatively soon. Stay tuned... :)

kernel 2.6.23-0.28.rc0.git6.fc8 is built and boot tested on a few
systems. The uname mismatch is indeed fixed, though the hpet hang on
some ich systems is still present (workaround by booting w/nohpet).
Should hit rawhide trees tomorrow...

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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