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Re: compiz fusion, avant-window-navigator and wyneken in rawhide?

tir, 17 07 2007 kl. 18:41 +0800, skrev Ken YANG:
> hi all,
> i notice in rawhide repo, there are not above
> package:
> compiz fusion, avant-window-navigator, and wyneken
> is there something i missed?

I reviewed awn a while ago for Sindre Pedersen Bjørdal and he managed to
get it into cvs yesterday so this with any luck should hit a Fedora repo
near you very soon. 

Compiz Fusion hasn't even got a stable release yet, preliminary rpms can
be found here:
http://devel.foss.org.my/~kagesenshi/repo/private/testing/ - Kindly
provided by Hakiru Amano. No idea when they will be ready to go into

Wyneken I don't know, but if you need this you can add it to the
wishlist on the wiki or better yet learn how to package rpms and become
the Fedora maintainer.

- David

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