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Re: Presto: what happened to it?

2007/7/18, Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com>:
There's actually work underway to get to where we can enable presto by
default.  Jonathan took a number of patches from me to clean things up a
bit and those are present in the most recent presto release (0.4.0).
Also, there's some work starting to get underway to add the support
within the buildsystem for deltarpm generation.  This will make it
possible for us to create and distribute them natively as part of the
distro/update build process.

So the short answer is, we're working on it and it's currently being
tracked as a proposed feature for Fedora 8[1]

I have been using presto 0.4.0 since its release. I need to change 3
lines to make it work, one is that it cannot find 'Errors' but
'yum.Errors', another one is add 'DRPM' before file path, because
there is nowhere to mention that directory level, it is not in the
delta primary xml. After that everything goes without any problem,
though not all packages have a delta (because the repo is relatively
new I think). The repo is really fast and up-to-date.

bbbush ^_^

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