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Re: rsyslog is in F8

On Wed, 2007-07-18 at 12:20 +0200, Peter Vrabec wrote:
> Hi folks,
> rsyslog was just built in rawhide.
> It obsoletes sysklogd, so sysklogd in not running anymore and is erased
> after update. Note, that rsyslog won't start automatically. You need to
> do #service rsyslog start,(or restart the box). This problem should be
> solved by anaconda during upgrade from FC->F8.
> sysklogd config files syslog.conf, sysconfig/syslog are renamed to
> rsyslog.conf, sysconfig/rsyslog and used by rsyslog. logrotate.d/syslog
> is replaced.

I was looking at the package of rsyslog: why do you apply a patch to
rename the daemons from syslogd and klogd to 'rklogd' and 'rsyslogd'? If
sysklogd is being replaced by the obsoletes in this package - why name
this one differently?

And have your patches made it upstream? I'm not sure why we should have
any patches applied to it, at all, in fedora. Rainer has been extremely
responsive in getting things corrected.

Finally, we have to have the daemon auto-start. People will 'yum update'
from f7 to f8 and in the scenario you've provided they will not have a
running syslog daemon in the vast majority of the cases. That's a


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