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Re: Web-Interface for packages in Fedora: repoview, repowatch, something else?

On 7/18/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
That brought me to the question: what are our plans for a webinterface
for packages? We had repoview in the past for Core and Extras, but that
was dropped with the merge (likely due to "not much time, not
critical/not important enough). Will we get it back? Or will Fedora just
ignore the issue and leave that service to external groups? Or will the
package database help somewhat in this regard?

I'm finishing up a rewrite of repoview that should dramatically
improve the speed aspect. One of the advantages of repoview is that it
generates static pages and thus doesn't require any "engine" to view
the repository. Its major downside in current version is that it has
to regenerate all the pages to see if they have changed, hence times
5000 packages, it took a Very Long Time for even minor changes to the

New version does state-tracking, so small repository changes take only
a couple of seconds to run, which should improve things dramatically.
It's also rsync-friendly and only modifies the pages that have
actually changed.

I have it mostly finished, and only have to finish up a few things
before releasing 0.6.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Montréal, Québec

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