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F8 Feature Status & FESCo review

Greetings Feature Owners,

We reached our first "feature status update" on 2007-07-15.  Thanks to the feature owners who have already updated their pages. If you are the owner of a feature, please update the status if you have not already done so.

Since FESCo ratified the feature process (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Policy) for F8, as the appointed Feature Wrangler, I've been tidying up the feature wiki pages.  When the new process was adopted the intention was to grandfather in (where possible) features that had already been proposed.  I have re-factored many feature pages to follow the new format while trying to stay true to original information recorded.

I am also maintaining a feature status page of sorts that I am calling the "feature dashboard" that we will try out for the F8 release: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Dashboard .  I am using this page to keep a current status on which features are ready for FESCo review and those that are not.  If your feature is up for review tomorrow, (see the Dashboard) I would encourage you to be present at the FESCo meeting tomorrow in #fedora-meeting (1700 UTC) to answer any questions that may arise.  If you cannot be there (I apologize for the short notice) I'll collect questions and follow up with you.

Thank you,

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