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Re: rsyslog is in F8

>> Hmmm, It use rsyslog.conf.
>> cp syslog.conf rsyslog.conf is done, because we want to keep and use
>> previous configuration. Or do you want your custom configuration be
>> dropped and replaced by default one? :-)
>For rsyslog to be a drop in replacement, it should use the same config 
>file named the same in the same location IMO.

It was supposed to. I had created a file option in /etc/sysconfig/rsyslog that
could be set so you could choose one or the other...that seems to have been

The problem that we faced is that removing sysklogd causes syslog.conf to be
renamed to syslog.conf.rpmsave...so we have to look for that file and rename it
if the configuration file does not exist.

The basic theory was supposed to be:

1) if neither syslog.conf or syslog.conf.rpmsave exist, modify
/etc/sysconfig/rsyslog use rsyslog.conf
2) if syslog.conf doesn't exist and syslog.conf.rpmsave exists, rename it to
syslog.conf. /etc/sysconfig/rsyslog defaults to syslog.conf so no change needed
3) use the config file option -f in the initscript to choose syslog.conf or
rsyslog.conf which comes from /etc/sysconfig/rsyslog


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