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Re: Fedora Feature Proposal: Yum Integration

Matthew Miller wrote:
On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 07:52:13AM -0400, seth vidal wrote:
But what if you are just a regular user who doesn't have the root
password? That pretty much limits the use of this feature to
administrative programs (which require root anyway). Otherwise users
will end up with half-broken apps
This should be done as configurable policy. In fact, that can be done
*now*, with one missing crucial bit -- the concept of limited access to
packages in yum. Which we could make a really crack-ridden plugin to
deal with....
'the concept of limited access to packages in yum'?
What does that mean? I'm not sure I understand the usage here and so I'm
not sure where/how it would work as a plugin.

For many systems, it'd be handy for users to be able to autheneticate with
their own passwords, and then with those credentials add and remove *user
level* software from known repositories with valid GPG keys, but still
require root (or wheel group membership) to add or (and especially) remove
system level software. That's useful -- but, as mentioned, kinda
crack-ridden. (Partly, of course, because the distinction between user level
and system level is very blurry.)

Right now, it's trivially easy to make it so you can run yum with your own
credentials -- but it's not limited in any way. Doing this the right way
(perhaps with oddjob) would be a bit of work, but doing it the easy but less
secure way -- run as root, check for limitations -- could be done with a

As a first cut for policy

 1) users can't do anything that would cause a member of the Core or Base
    groups to be removed
 2) can add and remove packages from a list of groups like GNOME Desktop
    Environment, Games and Entertainment, etc., as long as it doesn't
    conflict with #1
 3) can't do anything else

Perhaps the list of protected-from-removal packages would need to be
expanded, but that's the basic idea.

thats what policykit is for...

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