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Re: WTF⁈ ShowOnlyIn=GNOME

Hi guys,

On 7/21/07, Christopher Stone <chris stone gmail com> wrote:
On 7/21/07, Naheem Zaffar <naheemzaffar gmail com> wrote:
> You will have to work on a case by case basis, filing bugs where needed.
> Some applications would only be sane in a specific environment. As an
> example, Gnome should have a link to Nautilus for file management, KDE
> to Konqueror (or whatever they have got in KDE 4. Dolphin?).

I do not understand this logic.  Why do we assume GNOME users will
only use Nautilus, and KDE users will only use Konqueror?

Is is so much a stretch of the imagination to think that a KDE user
might actually want to run Nautilus (or vice versa)?

I think the adopted approach is better. If I am in Gnome, launching
Konqueror will run several KDE dependencies (like ARTS maybe? can't
remember what exactly) and they will stay running last time I checked.
If I were not a power user, I would rather be shielded from that
situation and enjoy better performance. If I were a power user, I
would disable showonlyin as needed.


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