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Re: CD/DVD cataloging software

On 7/16/07, Dan Horák <dan danny cz> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have spend this weekend with looking for a software that will
> catalogue content of CDs and DVDs (I want to know what file is on which
> CD/DVD). My requirements were simple - work current Fedora (>=6) and
> automagicly use the disc name when storing the content. As
> name            version         platform        current use disc
>                                                 Fedora  name
> gtktalog        1.0.4           C/gtk1          no      ?
> gwhere          0.2.3           C/gtk1,gtk2     no*     yes
> CdCat           1.01b           C/qt            no*     no
> gnomecatalog    0.2.1           Python/gtk      no      ?
> cdcollect       0.6.0           Mono            no      ?
> * = can read content of the folder where the disc is mounted
> The main problem is that these softs are looking for CD/DVDs into a
> fixed path (/media/cdrom, ...) which doesn't exist in current Fedoras as
> it uses gnome-mount which uses HAL. Also most of them are dead or almost
> dead projects.
> As a result I have chosen gwhere for my usage. It required not so much
> effort to make it build and then work. You can find it at
> http://fedora.danny.cz/gwhere-0.2.3-1.src.rpm The CDCollect project
> looks quite promising, but I don't know how to integrate scanning of
> gnome-mounted (using HAL) discs.
> When some other solution exists (Beagle?), please let me know.
>                 Dan Horak
> --
> Fedora maintainer: TinyERP, Code::Blocks, QGit, Tailor

I tested all cd/dvd catalogue tools some time ago and found cdcat to
be the best of them. I didn't test gwhere because I wasn't aware of

gnomecatalog and as I recall all the others I tested, except cdcat,
wouldn't show files when I did some random file search.

I knew which files I had, so I searched and most of them wouldn't find
them even if they indexed them! Only cdcat worked as expected!

Is there a chance for cdcat to be included in fedora repos?
It is not the most nicest looking program but it does the job - and
does it perfectly!

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