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packages for buildinig .deb in fedora ready


I have packaged some debian packages to help making debian packages on 
fedora and compiling them. This includes:

* dpkg to manipulate .deb archives, and create source packages.
  Everything that needs a .deb database will be broken, but that's 
  not an issue in my opinion, we are on fedora after all ;-)
* debhelper and dh-make to help the creation of debian packages
  (and html2text as a debhelper dependency)
* debootstrap to create a debian (or ubuntu) chroot
* pbuilder to compile a .deb in a chroot (with dependencies tldp-xsl
  and dblatex, and python-which as a dblatex dependency).

I will use them locally, but I don't want to maintain them in fedora, 
since I have enough packages already. Everything is here:


pbuilder will need to be launched as root, since the non-root procedure
involves user-mode-linux which is not in fedora.

these packages have some man pages encoded in non utf8 charsets, and
also some install arch independent stuff in %_libdir instead of
%_datadir. I would tend to avoid messing with those issues and wait for
the debian project to fix them.

html2text, python-which, tldp-xsl and dblatex are not debian specific,
but are needed as dependencies. (dblatex conflicts with a file in
tetex-tex4ht, I am the tetex-tex4ht maintainer and ready to change the

Other packages may certainly be packaged once the above packages are in, 
like lintian and devscripts.

When/if those packages are accepted I will certainly write something
about developping and building .deb on fedora.


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