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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories mock-up -- Part 2.

So I delete messages before I get real angry about Fedora being
presented as an effort to please a very small and limited userbase.

You could add to the proposed use-cases, which would help to improve
the situation. The original proposer of the use-cases did leave room
for modification.

Can we have use-cases that reflect the diversity on Fedora forums and
lists? Or even stop the whole ridiculous synthetic use-case writing
and not write about ourselves in the third person like Julius Caesar?
In my experience this stuff can be written for two reasons:

A. someone conducted an actual usability test campaign, collected a
Somehow the naming makes me suspect we're in case B. In case A, enough
reality always creep-up in the use-case they're not a textbook

This entire rant did not produce anything positive or constructive.

Happy hacking,
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Key server: pgp.mit.edu

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