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Re: What happened to kernel-kdump-devel in 2.6.22 ?

Gianluca Sforna wrote:
> My rebuild of sysprof-kmod is failing due to a missing kernel-kdump-devel:
>  http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/getfile?taskID=73500&name=root.log
> What happened to it?

The x86_64 relocatable kernel patches have been merged upstream for a
while now, meaning a separate kdump kernel serves no purpose, so it
isn't built, and neither is the corresponding -devel package. Just don't
try to build for the kdump kernel anymore, and you should be all set.

As an aside, let me just say that pretty much *all* kmod package, save
possibly some network and storage drivers, are actually a complete and
total waste of time to build for kdump kernels. The kdump kernel loads
into a tiny reserved slice of memory, and is only booted into (via
kexec, not via bootloader) when a system properly configured for kdump
hits a kernel panic. We stay in this kernel long enough to scribble a
vmcore out to a target storage location (thus why network and storage
kmod drivers *could* be of use), and then the system reboots back into
the normal kernel. So things like sysprof, nvidia, capture card drivers,
etc., make little or no sense to build for the kdump kernel, never mind
the fact that a separate kdump kernel only needs to exist at all for
ppc64 anymore...

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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