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Re: NOTE: Please publicize any license changes to your packages

Once upon a time, Ralf Ertzinger <fedora camperquake de> said:
> claws-mail: GPL
> fetchmail: GPL
> openvpn: GPL
> rdesktop: GPL
> stunnel: GPL
> wget: GPL

These include an OpenSSL exception.

> elinks: GPL

This has a sort-of OpenSSL exception.

> claws-mail-plugins-pgp: GPL

This is a collection of different things; some list an OpenSSL exception
(and may be the only ones that use OpenSSL).

> cadaver: GPL
> ctorrent: GPL
> git-core: GPL
> gkrellm: GPL
> lftp: GPL
> pam_ccreds: GPL
> slrn: GPL
> ssmtp: GPL

No mention of an exception.

> htdig: GPL

LGPL not GPL (not sure what that means for OpenSSL linking though).

> wpa_supplicant: GPL

Dual-licensed GPLv2 and BSD.

> perl-Crypt-SSLeay: GPL or Artistic

I believe Artistic is okay with OpenSSL.

> dhcpv6_client: GPL
> libdhcp6client: GPL

Boy, this looks like a mess.  No overall license that I can find
(looking at dhcpv6-0.10-42.fc7), most files under a BSD-style (3 clause)
license from IBM, and one file that is patched out under LGPL.  The
libdhcp6client subdirectory files are mixed as well; some have no
license and some have GPL (no version).

> xen: GPL

Some files are dual-licensed BSD; I'm not sure which link to OpenSSL.

This is a good example of why license changes need to be clearly
announced and researched.
Chris Adams <cmadams hiwaay net>
Systems and Network Administrator - HiWAAY Internet Services
I don't speak for anybody but myself - that's enough trouble.

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