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Re: Frozen for Fedora 8 Test1

Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> writes:

> We have frozen for Fedora 8 Test 1.  A "freeze" tag exists, 'f8-test1'
> that is a container for the packages that are destined to be in Test1
> (and rawhide until test1 is fully composed and released to mirrors).

I guess that means yet another release with broken zsh when the fix
would be just updating the package to upstream, as upstream developers


I mean OpenSuse and Ubuntu think zsh 4.3.x it's good enough for their
release, not to mention that even Debian includes 4.3 in their *stable*
release. Only the fedora maintainer sticks to 4.2 leaving everyone who
is using a UTF-8 locale with a broken shell.

This is just ridiculous.

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