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Re: Frozen for Fedora 8 Test1

On 25/07/07, Frank Schmitt <ich frank-schmitt net> wrote:
Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> writes:

> We have frozen for Fedora 8 Test 1.  A "freeze" tag exists, 'f8-test1'
> that is a container for the packages that are destined to be in Test1
> (and rawhide until test1 is fully composed and released to mirrors).

I guess that means yet another release with broken zsh when the fix
would be just updating the package to upstream, as upstream developers

No, because as Matthias pointed out in the the bug release below it is
not included in the default install. There's a chance that given the
comments made by the development team the maintainer will re-consider
upgrading to this release.


I mean OpenSuse and Ubuntu think zsh 4.3.x it's good enough for their
release, not to mention that even Debian includes 4.3 in their *stable*
release. Only the fedora maintainer sticks to 4.2 leaving everyone who
is using a UTF-8 locale with a broken shell.

This is just ridiculous.

No, its a technical decision not to ship an unstable release. That
said, Fedora *is* supposed to be cutting edge stuff and if the only
argument against version bumping is upstream's versioning system
(since dismissed on their mailing list) I agree that its high time to
up the game a little. :)



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