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Re: Are the builders okay?

Jesse Keating napsal(a):
On Wed, 25 Jul 2007 20:30:21 +0200
Tomas Mraz <tmraz redhat com> wrote:

They do network communication and perhaps they even are trying to do
some dns lookups if /etc/hosts is not set up properly to resolve the
machine's hostname. But they should communicate only on the machine
itself. Being a no-no means that we shouldn't be running them? They
are very useful for for example finding bugs in compiler.

/etc/hosts has an entry for localhost, but it seems your test is trying
to hit what is in /etc/resolv.conf which is a bogus IP.  Perhaps your
test is getting a hostname of the builder and trying to look that up?

If we are talking about DNS problems (and when I add yesterday "cvs renumbering" problem or what it was) I think it would be good have DNS server in build system and builders will ask to them instead using /etc/hosts file.


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